Fragrance Print Sunglasses

  1. Hmm I am pretty sure I saw the Patti sunglasses on the website, so it must have been taken down. Maybe you can still order it from JAX?

    I wanted to figure out if that price on the LE tote was actually fair so I went through and priced each item which was sold individually. The only one that was not and is exclusive to the tote is the bronzer.
  2. They were sold individually, they were the Patti sunglasses.

    I wanted them but by the time this PCE came my boutique was out of them :tdown:
  3. the patti's were the only thing i wanted and i couldn't track them down.
  4. Those are cute! I hope you can find them!
  5. looks like i missed out....late as usual:tdown:
  6. Last Sunday when I was there, the Oklahoma City Coach store in Penn Square has a pair of the fragrance print Pattie sunglasses. Try giving them a call.

    Good Luck