Fragrance is up on

  1.'s a must have item!
  2. It says for a limited time, "Customers will receive a free fragrance sample with an online purchase."
    Think they mean the cute little bottle on a chain that some have been getting in the mail?

    (placing an order and crossing fingers!)
  3. I think that the other stuff that was supposed to be available Mar 5 should be up too. Thanks!
  4. I noticed that too and was wondering the same thing. Maybe I should go ahead and place my order :yes:
  5. I want to go to the mall tonight! Likely will go tomorrow!
  6. i bought the purse spray over the weekend...i didn't buy the big bottle because i'll never use it- i wish they had a size that was half of that bottle...hmm.
  7. I just ordered the legacy stripe ponytail scarf & the sig. flower charm, so hopefully I'll get a sample! I haven't had the chance to smell the fragrance yet, so i don't want to purchase it until i have lol.
  8. Oooh...I liked the smell of it when I smelled it in the new catalog...think I'm gonna have to put this on the to-get list...

    Has anyone ever used a perfume solid before? This is the first I've heard of one...
  9. I have. Its ok, it is kind of like a lip balm in texture. The scent lasts ok, I just dont like that texture being rubbed onto my neck. I am going to order the solid though 'cause its just too cute not to.
  10. What a great excuse to order the my patent coin purse.
    Yay! :wlae:
  11. The solid is ADORABLE!!!!
  12. i need to get to the mall to smell it...hopefully i like it!
  13. i'm debating on just ordering the larger size right now....... hmmmmmm