Fragrance fanatics...what are your favorite houses?

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  1. I think my top favorites would have to be CREED, diptyque, Hermes, Annick Goutal, Tom Ford, Jo Malone, By Kilian and Le Labo. :cool:
  2. Bond No.9, Creed, Chanel and Tom Ford
  3. Based on my admittedly rather small collection of 7 fragrances, I think my tastes lead me towards Chanel and Hermes...not all my perfumes are by these two brands but I definitely have more than one that I like from them...if that makes sense :P

  4. Makes perfect sense to me :biggrin:
  5. Chanel, Dior, Jo Malone, Tom Ford.
  6. Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors.
  7. Frederic Malle, Serge Lutens, Roja Dove, Hermes
  8. My favorites are Hermes, Annick Goutal, Jo Malone, and Chanel.

    I've recently tried scents from Tom Ford, Cartier, & Bond No.9 which I absolutely love. Last week I ordered samples from By Kilian and Clive Christian. I'm really hoping I don't like any of those scents because they are quite pricey. :sweatdrop:
  9. I adore Rance, Robert Piquet, Creed and Annick Goutal
  10. Thierry Mugler and chanel
  11. Hermes for their unisex citrusy stuff. And Jo Malone because I love the layering concept.
  12. Amouage, Frederic Malle, Clive Christian, Tom Ford, By Killian, Penhaligon's, Atelier
  13. Chanel, Tom Ford, Prada, Escada
  14. Gurlain and Chanel are my all time favorites. I also enjoy an occasional Jo Malone. I have been wanting to try Creed.
  15. I love perfume in such a way I can never set my mind on just one!
    Love Chanel Chance, Paris Hilton has a couple I really like although not a big fan of her as a person and every now and then my nose spots something very interesting like the other day, I met Selena Gomez'S frangrance and I was charmed!
    I think once you find the types of frangrances that suit you best, you open up a ton of possibilities and can go to a parfumerie and tell them, they will have you try on new things :smile: