Fragrance Atomizers

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Jan 22, 2017
Hello Everyone!

Do any of you have any experience with the Fragrance Atomizers that Hermes carries? I believe they are also called "Leather Treasures". I saw them at a department store at the Hermes Fragrance counter and was intrigued, but didn't think much about it (this was last November). As a surprise for Christmas, I received an Hermes fragrance and I'm absolutely in love with it. The person who got it for me mentioned that I can get refills of the fragrance and perhaps the bottle that I got could be refillable. Alas it is not, but I did remember the atomizers that I saw at the department store.

The ones I saw was 10 mL in a vibrant orange and a nice chocolate brown, but does anyone know if they come in any other colors like navy blue or dark green? How long does one refill of the 10mL bottle last you? Thoughts on whether or not they are worth the investment?

Thanks for your time.
Not open for further replies.