fragile bbags?

  1. I always see balenciaga on eBay, etc (and my old one included, which was purchased used) so beat. Like - the leather starts to peel off, etc. Why do they do that? I know it's a soft, smooshy leather, but - come on. for a thousand bucks, i'd expect it to hold up a little bit better.

    any thoughts on the matter??
  2. I think with any bag after being constantly used, it's bound to have peeling here and there. I personally think the quality on bbags are amazing, and I think they hold up pretty well. All depends on the owner too, how they treat their bags... if I took care of my bag and without abusing it... I'm pretty sure bbags can hold up pretty well!!
  3. Hi Satine 112!!
    I think that Bbags are quite resistant, even if delicate.But the borders are really brashes:crybaby:. It 's necessary to pay attention and they keep well!
  4. hmm, maybe you guys are right and it is about the owners and not the bags. It's just scary to always see the leather peeling. I have my heart set on a city bag, either 04 turquoise, or 07 vert d'eau (and you can only get these used) so i might be out of luck.
  5. will a bit of moisturizer help to prevent aging damage?
  6. This is true, due to the distressed quality of the leather, they do absorb dirt more easily than some more "tough" leathers, but the bright side is that the worn-in look that develops over time is part of the overall look of the bag (it's kind of a rocker, hippie-ish vibe), and many, like me for instance, see it as part of the bag's charm and only adds to its unique and distinctive look.

    The only thing that bothers me is dirty handles, but that can be solved by cleaning, or by using a few coats of a protective spray such as Apple Guarde on them prior to first use. :yes:
  7. good advice!
  8. i think it also depends on what year it is. like, 04 + 05 leather is supposed to be amazing. i dont have an 04 or 05, but from pictures, they look more durable than more recent years
  9. My Anthracity still looks like the day it was bought back in June. I'm not by any means precious with it at all but there's zero wear on it and even the tassles are still intact :shrugs:

    I've seen some badly faded bags and that would bother me more than, say, some wear on the corners but I guess I lucked out with mine because it seems to fare pretty well so far :yes: