Fracture... seen it?

  1. Has anyone seen this new DVD with Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling? Watched it today. Usually I have to watch movies in segments... get too bored. But this was a really good movie... I actually sat through the whole thing. Anthony Hopkins has his same "Hannibal Lector" dry wit that just cracked me up throughout the movie. But yeah... good movie!!
  2. I thought it was pretty good too. I saw it in the threaters.
  3. We rented it today. My husband liked it. I fell asleep. It wasn't the movie- it was me. I was very tired. I'll try it again this weekend.
  4. I really liked it...but I usually like anything with Anthony Hopkins! LOL
  5. I want to rent this. I saw the ads on TV, it looks really good. Anthony Hopkins is a great actor.
  6. I saw this in the theater and liked it a lot. I love when Anthony Hopkins plays the charming killer. ;)
  7. I only watched it cause of Ryan....I am so sick of Anthony Hopkins doing the psycho Hannibal crap.
  8. Yes, he plays it so well!
    Did anyone have this movie figured out? I'm sometimes a little slow when it comes to figuring things out but DH is usually right on top of it and he didn't know either!
    By the way... watched Vacancy today... thought it was a rather waste of a movie. I don't know what Kate Beckinsale was doing playing a role like that. It seems like a movie teens would do.
  9. Saw this in the theater with my boyfriend who of course figured out the whole plot in the first 15 minutes :smile:. I really enjoyed.
  10. loved this movie :smile:
  11. I really want to see this.....
  12. I saw this at the theater! I must say I really liked it. Even though it's pretty much the same acting we got the first time around in Silence of the Lambs, I love it! And Ryan Gosling looked pretty darn hot!
  13. I work at Blockbuster so I can get movies a week before they come out on DVD and unfortunately I didnt grab this one :crybaby:

    now I have to wait 2 more weeks til I can take it out :sad:
  14. Watched it Saturday night with a glass of wine and a takeaway - absolutely loved it, certainly had me stumped about the gun.
  15. It was watchable but not much more, thought it was very predictable if completely fanciful. I do love Anthony Hopkins though, similarly with Hannibal Lector - I wanted him to get away with it.