FP Deletes Question

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  1. I still am not sure how the whole outlet/FP thing works when things are deleted.

    Any idea how long it takes for FP deletes to start showing up at outlet stores once they are officially deleted? And how do people know what outlets might be getting?
  2. It's pretty much hit & miss at the outlets.

    When the full price Coach stores put out a new floor set the discontinued bags are sent to the outlets, so within a couple of weeks they show up at the neighboring outlet. But there's no telling what the stores still had left in stock, though some Coachies here can make pretty good guesses.

    But then there's also the JAX main warehouse discontinued bags that seem to show up at different times, some right away and some later, because they keep some back for returns/exchanges/later orders, etc. So they may show up at the outlets like a year later or when ever they decide to clear them out. The Sabrina was like this it took forever for them to get to the outlets. Also my outlet had a ton of Juliannas long after they were discontinued.
  3. Thanks for the info