Foxy Brown Gets a Year in the Slammer!

  1. Foxy Brown will spend the next year in jail for violating her probation -- and she's going straight back to a cell on Rikers Island, where she's spent the last two weeks.
    TMZ was in the courtroom when it all went down, and Judge Melissa Jackson slammed Foxy's pleas for mercy, calling her a "great actress," and saying that if this were the first time she'd apologized, she might be believable, but not now. We're told that Foxy was visibly distraught by the verdict, and her mother refused to talk to reporters outside. Foxy originally was sentenced to the probation after an assault on two employees at a nail salon in Manhattan.

    Outside the courtroom, cops from New Jersey -- where she allegedly lied to cops about her birthdate and state of residence -- told TMZ that she got what she deserved. Interesting note: if she serves the full term, Foxy will give birth in prison.

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  2. Commit the the time.

    but too bad for that unborn baby, it's not his/her fault it will be born in prison....

    i still think she's gross.
  3. I get the feeling Foxy may have gotten pregnant to help her esacape doing time- or at least serving a shorter service. But, the judge saw through her. Yes, she's a celeb, but she is human and had no right to assult them women- diva's going down!
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: That's funny the Judge actually said that! but Hey, she did the crime...
  5. A whole year? Wow did she like almost kill them? Don't get me wrong, commit the crime do the time, but wouldn't she learn more if she did community service?
  6. She was at Rikers? Dayum...not the nicest of prisons. She will find lots of people to fight with there.
  7. Finally a judge with some sense:yahoo:.I wish Naomi had gone before a judge with some balls,that bit%h deserved to do a little cell time.Rikers,don't worry about Foxy she will fit in fine.
  8. finally she'll actually have a good reason as to why her wet n wavy looks tacky. She gets no pity from me. Her arse shoulda known better.
  9. Lindsey 1 day, Nicole 83 minutes, Paris 45 days and now Foxy 1 year! I don't think its right.

  10. My thoughts exactly!!:rolleyes:
  11. Hopefully she'll learn. When referencing this page: , I couldn't believe the sheer number of times she's been arrested for assaulting someone in some manner and hadn't served ANY real jail time.

    The way she throws tantrums and hits people when she doesn't get her way reminds me of an overgrown child, not an adult.
  12. Finally a judge who does not fall prey to the "I am above the law" like all the ones in lala land. She did the crime, let her learn her lesson. Now one also need to wonder if she will get out for overcrowding like they do in lala land??? Just because she was sentenced for one year does not mean she will stay for one year.
  13. Foxys sentence is perfect. She did numerous crimes before this. Paris violated probation once. This is not foxys first time getting in trouble with the law.
  14. Anger Management anyone? I feel sorry for that baby, not for FB.
  15. I totally agree. If she deserved it, then she will do her time.
    I just feel bad for her baby, but probably this will make her good,maybe she'll learn her lesson and change her way of living. Having a baby is a big responsability, I hope she knows that.