Foxy Brown Expecting

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  1. [​IMG]After violating probation and being booked for felony assault, menacing harassment and criminal possession of a weapon, what's left for a lovely young woman -- but to give birth to an innocent life?!

    Blackberry beatdown rapper Foxy Brown, confirmed she was pregnant, according to the New York Post, saying, "I'm getting married in September. I'm pregnant." How precious!

    Brown, 27, is currently on probation for assaulting two manicurists in a Manhattan nail salon in 2004. See what happens when you don't do a base coat?

    Miss Brown was also involved in a hair glue altercation at a beauty supply store in Florida. Then, she was assaulted in June, when three women snatched her bald-headed -- and stole a $500 handbag, necklaces and her hearing aid. Baby monitors with extra range will be a must-have on this classy lady's gift registry!

    Foxy has remained mum on how far along she is with her bundle of thug passion -- she's also withholding the identity of her husband-to-be -- most likely at his request! Get the stork delivering this baby some insurance!
  2. Oh jeez.
  3. Arrested Again! What A Hot Mess!!!

    Filed under: Foxy Brown
    Foxy Brown was pulled over by police in New Jersey late last week on a traffic violation. And ***** lied to the cops!
    We LOVE her! That Foxy sure is foxy!
    When the officers asked for the spelling of her name and her date of birth, Brown allegedly gave police a “variation of her real name” and a date of birth that was a year off from her actual date of birth.
    A search for the name she gave turned up no records.
    Asked a second time, Brown gave her correct name and date of birth. But records indicated her license was suspended AND the registration on the 2007 Land Rover was suspended as well!
    We do feel sorry for this *****, though. She probably can’t afford a driver!
    Foxy was taken to police headquarters in Mahwah, where she was issued SEVEN traffic tickets and released on her own recognizance. She was also given a Municipal Court date of September 4th.
    The rapprer’s arrest came just one day after she was arraigned in Manhattan on charges that she allegedly assaulted a neighbor with her BlackBerry device.
    Brown was released August 14 on $50,000 bail and faces charges of felony assault, misdemeanor assault and criminal possession of a weapon.
    Foxy is currently on probation for attacking two Manhattan manicurists in a dispute over a $20 bill, and she faces charges in Florida for throwing hair glue at a Florida beauty shop employee.
  4. Anger management, please!!
  5. Poor baby, hope this will change her.
  6. forget anger management...sigh. I feel so sad for the young teenaged girls who LOOK UP to her...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek:wtf::shocked::sick:
  7. :yes: unfortunately she's going to have to want to change... hopefully the baby can show her that hitting people is wrong.
  8. she's SO gross....
  9. yikes! this is scary!!
  10. she's insane. i swear she's been arrested in every state!
  11. :nogood: Poor kid
  12. jesus christ, why are trashy people always super-fertile?
    i pity her foetus.
  13. :nogood: