Foxy Brown and LV THEFT!


Mar 2, 2006

I wonder what bag is was :confused1:

Police: Foxy Brown Robbed of Bag, Cash

By Associated Press

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NEW YORK - Rapper Foxy Brown _ who's on probation for assault and facing a battery charge in a separate case _ had another brush with violence over the weekend. But this time, she was the victim, police said.
Four people teamed up to rob the racy rapper of a Louis Vuitton bag, $500 in cash and credit cards around 5:30 a.m. Saturday in the East New York section of Brooklyn, police said.
Roshawn Anthony, 23, was charged with robbery. No telephone number could be found for Anthony at the address police provided for her, and police did not know whether she had a lawyer. Information on her arraignment was not immediately available from the Brooklyn district attorney's early Sunday.
Brown's lawyer, state Sen. John Sampson, did not immediately return telephone and e-mail messages early Sunday. But Brown told the New York Post that the robbery never happened, and that she hadn't been at the location police gave, near a public housing complex.
"A lot of the time, people mistake me for someone else, or people always call in these false tips," Brown told the newspaper outside her Brooklyn brownstone Saturday.
Police said the rapper, whose real name is Inga Marchand, had indeed been attacked.
Brown, 27, is known for her sexy outfits and steamy lyrics. Her albums include the platinum-selling "Ill Na Na" and "Chyna Doll."
She pleaded guilty in August 2006 to misdemeanor assault charges stemming from a fight with salon workers over payment for a manicure in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood on Aug. 29, 2004. She was sentenced in October 2006 to three years' probation.
Brown was charged with battery and resisting an officer with violence in Florida on Feb. 15, when police said she threw hair glue at a beauty shop employee when he asked her to leave because the shop was closing. That case is pending.
The Florida case also brought more legal trouble in New York for Brown. She pleaded guilty in March to a probation violation for leaving New York without permission


Oct 1, 2006
i never carry logo anything when i'm in nyc.

i always carry a bal, muse, etc. anything that isn't branded (which is only lv or fendi really) to the max as to not make myself a target for folks who only associate these brands with being wealthy.

poor girl!


Oct 1, 2006
not really.

one of my best friends lives in brooklyn, and i stayed with her in march (she used to live in manhattan, so this was my first time staying outside of the city) and her area (bedford?) is the first stop in brooklyn and is VERY hipster, young, wasn't scary at all. that said, i'm sure it's not all vintage shops and vegan restaurants.


Nov 5, 2006
I live in brooklyn, there are certain areas in which it is pretty rough like Brownsville and Red Hook. I'm pretty sure the only reason why she got robbed is because they knew she was Foxy Brown. I see a lot of LV's in nyc, real and tons of fake so its pretty common to have a name brand bag.