Foxiyellow's deep apologies in regard to $500+ bags and more. =(

  1. Ladies, I apologize for the "500 dollar thread" that happened yesterday. I woke up in tears this morning...It was yesterday afternoon that my bf of 7 years broke up with me with the explanation that I am not the woman I was when he met me...this is after I did not speak to him for a week. I have tried to stuff it deep down in my mind and did not cry until this morning.

    I realize it might seem irrelevant...but I kinda realize why I was so "ready to roar" last night. I feel like Im off my kilter right now...Im the me, I want to cry, hurt him, I dont want to go to work....Im a mess.

    Please accept my apologies...I am very sorry. I love tpf and would never want to disrespect anyone on here...cant believe I did that. PM me if you would like...I would love to talk to you.

    PS: I would love a classic red Birkin...I really would. I dont know wtf i was thinking last night
  2. =(
  3. I had to go back and look up your post, Foxi.

    It's nice of you to apologize and remember that everyone is here because they love handbags. Maybe not getting on a forum when you are upset ought to be a rule like not drinking and driving.
  4. Glad you're feeling better but sorry that your boyfriend is being a jerk...HUGS!!!!

  5. This too shall pass...maybe he is not the person that he once was either...if you weren't talking for a week-there is greener grass elsewhere. Hope that you feel better about it! :rolleyes:
  6. its all good. i can forgive a fellow bag lover! and in regards to your ex. you will find out that you can do better :smile:
  7. i'm sorry to hear about the break-up...i wish i had something brilliant to say, but, unfortunately, we all go through it and feel the pain...hang in there and you'll find one day that you're not thinking about it/him every second, minute, then day and all of a sudden you'll realize that life is moving on w/o,
  8. I think that since you've been dumped, some retail therapy is in order!!

    A new bag, perhaps? ;)

    Hope everything is okay.
  9. To be honest, I was sceptical when I saw this new thread, because I was so shocked at your behaviour, foxie, from last night! Though I don't think any circumstance really excuses such prolonged, belligerent remarks, I'm sorry to find out you're going through a tough time. It will get better, hang in there, but antagonizing others isn't going to make you feel any better. I agree with bagmania, maybe don't go on tpf if you're feeling angry.

    Take care!
  10. I also hope you're not apologizing just so you don't get kicked off tPF. (I know, I'm a sceptic, forgive me).

  11. No that is not the reason. Swanky warned me about that but I was not kicked off. I love tpf..its truly a great place..the only place in fact where there are other women who love bags as much as myself. My behavior was uncalled for, and I apologize..I am very sorry
  12. I went back and read the rest of that thread, WOW! I appreciate your apology and everyone deserves a 2nd chance. Btw, I feel bagnshoo... is owed a personal apology because she took the brunt of your tirade.
  13. I used to work for a defense attorney who would go to the judge with "every dog deserves one bite". It has stuck with me for some reason for 25 years! Hope you get yourself back in order, and I am so sorry that you have had a relationship end after so many years. Peace to you.
  14. No offense taken. Everyone has their off days.

    I went through a traumatic break up and so I know what you mean about struggling with your emotions. Good luck.
  15. Ohh, I like that "every dog gets one bite". I normally say "First one's on me", but I think I'm gonna "borrow" your saying....:p