Foxglove Bays...??

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  1. I have recently seen this irl and really loved the colour.
    Looked on the Mulberry website and they are no longer on there! After contacting Mulberry, it seems that there are only a few left in stock.

    Does anyone else own this colour bag and if so, is it delicate or would it be ok for general day to day wear??

  2. Thanks WolfieluvsBags! I forgot about that reveal!

    Now to decide as to whether to purchase it or not.... :wondering
  3. I own one and although I don't carry it every day, I think it would be alright. Net-A-Porter still has them in stock.
  4. I don't own one, but I saw one the other day and it's a stunner!! :drool:
  5. Did you protect it with anything? And is it prone to scratches?
    Sorry about all the questions!! It is just the one I saw was a little damaged for a display item :wondering
  6. I know that is why it is a bit of a dilemma... I didn't think they were that popular so I was going to wait until the sale in the hope of getting one then!
  7. The coloured Baywaters often goes in the sale.. It's still fairly early in the season, but you just never know do you?
  8. Hi just found this thread and found my own thread inside lol! :biggrin:

    I use her quite regularly (I rotate all my work bags) in rain or shine, so far no problems. Is it really gone form M site? Oh I see it's still at NAP - they didn't make many perhaps, it is love or hate kind of bag.

    Good luck - I love mine :P
  9. Thanks all! Yea it has gone from and when I contacted them they said there is only a few left in HoF stores.... No plans for anymore yet either!
  10. I've just got mine today - I love her - she's so so so beautiful :smile:
  11. Selfridges had some x
  12. Sorry I'm super late! But yes it is scratch prone, the leather is soft matte. I haven't treated it.