Fox News to Britney: Put your panties back on or you'll lose your kids!

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  1. [​IMG]Fox News has a story on their site about the danger that soon-to-be divorced Britney Spears will have fighting ex Kevin Federline for custody of their two sons, Sean Preston, 14 months, and Jayden James, 2 1/2 months, if she doesn't stop her "pantyless antics."
    I'm not kidding.

    Since filing for divorce from her husband of two years, Britney has hit the party circuit with fellow blonde Paris Hilton. Photos are all over the blogosphere of Brit and her new BFF partying almost every night and on three occasions show Britney, how can I put this politely, sans culottes.
    Divorce, I mean, matrimonial attorney Dylan Mitchell is quoted saying, "Her behavior is potentially creating an issue that shouldn't otherwise exist. She could give Mr. Federline some leverage. If she continues like that, he could turn around and say, she's never home and other people are parenting the children."

    He recommends, "she [should] mind her Ps and Qs. Everybody's watching — not only the news media and the paparazzi, but the judge. Now is not the time to party. Now is the time to be Super Mom. If she were my client, that's what I'd tell her to do."
    However, if she cuts it out soon, it shouldn't be a problem. Certified family law specialist Evan T. Sussman, told Fox News, "If it's just a one-time thing, that's not nearly as relevant as if it's habitual. I don't think one photo is going to be an end-all. A psychologist basically interviews both parents. They go through psychological testing and they make a recommendation to the court. Something like that is given great weight in custody battles. The courts look at totality of circumstances."
    One thing is clear. As clinical psychologist Shirley Thomas told Fox News, "None of this is in the children's best interests. When someone is acting out, they're rather absent in parenting the child emotionally even when they are with the child." She doesn't think Brit is unfit, but she thinks Britney and Kevin need to work together to parent their boys instead of duking it out in a long drawn out custody battle,"These two need to get onto the co-parenting bandwagon, put down the weapons and work together."
    It's important to remember that celebrities are under a magnifying glass and that "every day, you see parents at the grocery store doing things that would look pretty bad if they were splashed on a newspaper," says Syracuse University pop culture professor Robert Thompson. I would guess, though, that most of us are doing these things wearing underpants.

    :yes: :yes:
  2. Britney is a mother of two young kids, she needs to stop partying like/with Lindsay and Paris.
  3. I'm not defending Brit's behavior lately, but compared to K-Fed, she still is the better parent; not perfect by any means, but better IMO.
  4. I agree.
  5. I mean wearing underwear or not doesn't depend on being a good parents but she needs to take care of herself, she needs to stop hanging out with lindsay and Paris for sure!!
  6. ok, i don' think not wearing underwear constitutes whether someone is a good mother or not! i am so sick of everyone saying she is a bad mother. her kids have clothes on thier backs, food in their mouthes & a roof over their head. so she likes to go out & party, she's 25 & just had two kids! give her a break. also, if you don't like to see the photos of her w/o out undies, don't look! sorry i am ranting, but it just seems our countries priorities our totally out of wack!
  7. I think this may just be a phase for her. I mean, she DID get married pretty young and had 2 kids , then the marriage didnt last too long, so now she probably just needs to get all this partying out of her system.

  8. she needs time to get back on track
  9. If I were her attorney, I would defintely tell her to tone it down. Between her past mistakes and her present behavior, she just looks bad. It doesn't mean that she is a bad mother, but her actions are definitely not to her advantage.
  10. I agree. I'm not defending Britney either but having a good time will affect the custody hearing when she's up against her partying, drinking, (violent) "I'm rich, biatch!" ex-husband?

    I don't believe that.
  11. I totally agree. Judging from the picture of Sean Preston I saw, her kids look well-taken care of.
  12. hmm I think she needs to realise that she can still have fun without being so silly?
  13. Is Her Mother Helping Her At All?? ??????
  14. her mother shouldnt have to help her. britneys a big girl now if you havent noticed. :yes:
  15. I don't think any of this has anything to do with how good a parent she is. What it comes down to is handing ammunition to an ex who has threatened to try for full custody. Whether she is doing anything wrong or not, it would be to her advantage to not be out partying right now - at least until the custody battle is over.

    In no way do I think K-Fed is the better parent, and I cannot imagine any judge granting him full custody, but honestly I've seen weirder and more unjust things happen. Angry, divorcing people often twist anything and everything to throw at the ex, and Britney just isn't helping the situation right now.