Foursome-- Another Prune Heloise

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  1. Introducing Ms. Prune Heloise

  2. [​IMG]
  3. double-post
  4. Another gorgeous prune bag this must be the most popular colour for the heloise on tpf now
    Love it :heart::heart: Congratulations
    Tag you really started something :smile:
  5. And color comparison with ms. piggy bay:

  6. A big CONGRATS, Lionlaw! :yahoo: Love both of your purple bags! Isn't the Heloise lovely? And every time I look at that pigalle bay, my heart still skips a beat.:heart:
  7. :happydance::party:Congratulations Lionlaw...and then there were FOUR...and it goes without saying that she's a beauty :love:. I haven't used any other bag since I got my Prune Heli, which is a good sign because there have been other bags I've bought (like the Whiskey Edith and sadly, the Pigalle Bay :sad:) that got carefully placed in my wardrobe upon receipt ,barely saw the light of day and then got re-homed.

    Wear her in good health and enjoy :smile:!
  8. Ohhhh, double purple, very cool! Are you delighted withe her? How about a modeling shot?
  9. Hey Jackie, I'd like to take the credit of being the trendsetter on the Prune Heli front :yes:, but I've got a feeling Ilson was the first one to nab one of these that right, Ilson :confused1: ?
  10. Oh yes :yes:, forgot to mention that in my earlier post...I'd love to see a modelling shot too!
  11. Sorry Tag didn't mean to accuse you of encouraging copious amounts of bag buying lol
    Hmm but I wonder who inspired me to get my black heli:tup: not that I'm complaining
  12. OMG.......I am soooooooo jealous of you right now! Absolutley a Stunning pair.:choochoo:

    You are back to chloe with a passion!:tup:
  13. It is so beautiful:love: It starts itching in my fingers when I see it. I want one too!:lol: Even more dangerous is seeing that you have two purple bags because now I am thinking maybe I can allow myself two red bags:nuts:
  14. wow that heloise is gorgeous. makes me think hard....
  15. Wow these Prune Heloises just keep on coming! :tup:

    A dear friend of mine just bought this exact bag too! Congrats to all you lucky ladies! :party: