Fourre-Tout GM

  1. Does anyone know what the retail price was for this bag? I have searched but all I found was a sale price for the MM. Also, is this line discontinued?
  2. Dianagrace, perhaps you can get some idea from Luxury Alliance. They have some posted.
  3. Thank you for your reply my peko, I was looking at one from them that's why I was asking.

    I went ahead and bought it. It is a great tote. I am placing some pictures here showing how it would work as a carryon tote. It fits my Kelly, two books, magazine, a couple of bags of snacks, cashmere shawl, my two jewelry cases and a pouch with two scarves.

    The first picture is the tote empty, the next showing all my stuff, third all the stuff loaded in the bag, bag with stuff closed and then bag with stuff from the side.
  4. They cost around usd600.

    It was rumoured that they are to be discontinued, I'm not sure how true !!??
    But I have 4 of them (in different sizes) to last me a lifetime :nuts:

    They make great travel bags especially if you want to fit in documents or magazines :yes:
  5. That's great, I use my Longchamp for that, but now you've got me thinking...
    What size Kelly is that?
  6. Rose, my Kelly is 32cm.
  7. Glad that you got it. :smile: I have a PM and it's my very first Hermes. :heart:
  8. Dianagrace.......just bought the MM size from Lucy in the exact same color-way! Wish it was the GM size though because then I really could have used it on this trip as my carry-on. It fit everything else but my 35mm Digital camera and lens!!!!! And that HAS to go on board with me!!!!!

    I love it though and I've already used it for the Farmers Market and hauling all my stuff to work and a million other things!!!!!
  9. shopmom:

    You should get your husband to carry your camera for you. (Of course, I am assuming he is making the trip with you.) I mean really, what do men need to carry on the plane.:P

    I really like this tote. I thought about getting the MM but I am glad I got the GM. I hadn't thought about taking it to the Farmer's Market, that is a great idea.
  10. I WOULD have DH carry it but he's worse than me with his camera and his laptop and his iPod and his plugs and his headphones and his weird tempurpedic fanny pad...he needs more luggage than I do!!!!!
  11. thanks for the pics dianagrace, they were very helpful! can you fit the straps on your shoulder or is it only hand carry only?
  12. Diana:

    I cannot fit the straps over my shoulder but I am not very thin and I have chunky arms. I think if you are petite or have thin arms you would be able to do this.