Four US Airlines Now Charge $25 For Second Checked Bag

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  1. -Continental
    -US Airways

    UAL Corp.'s United Airlines said it would in May start charging domestic passengers $25 to check a second piece of luggage (except for certain elite fliers, who are exempt from the fee), following an earlier move by US Airways. Meanwhile, Northwest announced it will begin charging $25 each way for a second checked bag, raised its fee for a third bag from $80 to $100 and doubled its $25 fee for bags over 50 pounds. Delta’s oversize bag fee will be $150 instead of $100. And Continental has matched Northwest's second bag fee.
  2. Good! They are all in trouble financially. Extra weight means more fuel usage. I don't want to see anymore airlines go under.
    I wish they'd raise their ticket prices so the airports would stop looking like the bus stations. Some peoples travel attire looks like they are going out to mow the lawn.
  3. Woah! They are really cracking down on what we can bring on planes. Thank goodness AA isn't included.... I'm planning on using both check ins for my wedding in SJU, and asking some of my friends as well.
  4. This is getting crazy. I'm sorry, but, even if all of these companies are loosing money, do they really think people are going to bring 2nd bags anymore? I know I'll just limit myself and pretty much fly empty on one and come back with a full one. Or, I'll just ship stuff home to myself. I can ship clothing and such to myself and the cheapest rate, prolly cheaper than taking 2 extra bags (1 for me and say 1 for my mom). I'm sure the stuff I could send home would be cheaper than 50 bucks.
  5. i hope you werent meaning this. everytime i look at plane tickets they are freakishly expensive? for me anyways, i dont want to see a rise in prices, at times i wish i could see a decrease in prices.... I looked for a ticket to go somewhere 4 or 5 months in advance and they wanted 650 dollars:confused1: that was to go from phoenix to orlando?
  6. That's rather elitist- there are quite a few moneyed people who dress horribly and quite a few not-so-wealthy people who look great!
  7. :sad: i had heard about this, but i was hoping it wasn't true.
  8. i always wondered what does it matter what somebody is wearing when they go on a plane? :shrugs: I always wear something cute but i really dont ever pay attention to what people are wearing :shrugs: i dont like the idea of paying 25 dollars for an extra checked bag.. though i rarely need that bag, but you never know..
  9. mmm in Europe you pay 8 Euro for each KILO of the second checked in bag....
  10. Sorry...I disagree with this statement. Why do people need to dress up to sit on an uncomfortable, cramped plane for hours on end? That makes no sense at all!!!!! I dress very comfortably for sitting on the plane and don't give a rat's ass what someone thinks of my apparel...I want to be comfortable!!! But hey, maybe if I threw on a $700 pair of 5" heels to dash across the airport dragging my Louis Vuitton carry-on luggage and Birkin...I'd make my plane on time and the airline wouldn't lose my luggage....because obviously I'm someone important.:rolleyes:
  11. Vegas Long Legs, someone reading this statement just might think you're a snob who doesn't like poor people.

    If you are really worried about travel attire, maybe you should suggest that airlines should implement a dress code for their passengers.
  12. VirginAmerica does this as well. They allow one checked bag up to 80 lbs. and then there is a small fee for the second one. Honestly, I don't mind. I usually fly carryon whenever possible because I hate waiting for baggage claim. When I do check it's usually one heavy suitcase, so VA's higher weight limit works well for me.
  13. Then its not elitist.

    My concern is that when the airport looks like bus stations, they will eventually gain the crime rate as bus stations. Not in the terminals but in the non security spaces.

    The idea is to get people to plan what they need. The airlines can act as shippers with the extra space.

    IF the airlines don't do something, there will be very few left & then see what ticket prices are.
  14. Oh calm down, LOL! you missed my entire statement about looking like they were going to mow the lawn. ( I love on here how people don't read & go with their perceptions of what someone means. Not even thinking to gain clarity on someone statement. Just rip into them.) I didn't even say dress up.

    Torn dirty t shirts, worn out shoes, ripped shorts. Oh, but you can be darn sure they have money to gamble with.

    What about a pair of khakis/clean jeans, tennis shoes, & a nice clean T shirt. My concern is when a place does down physically it draws the criminal element. Yes, dressing to kill is crazy, but I never said that, you did. rollseyes

    BTW what is your PHD in?
  15. :roflmfao: Give VegasLongLegs a break. I am assuming from her ID she is in Vegas and it's not quite the fashionista crowd that is traveling there. Now I am going to sound like a snob, right? Sequin applique or Holiday sweaters are quite the fashion statement.