Four Christian Dior bags at

  1. 2 of each bag only

    Pics of 1st bag shows the Christian Dior Logo Flight Tote for 799.00 down from 1495.00

    Pics of 2nd bag shows the Christian Dior Brown Leather Satchel with Buckle for 899.00 down from 1328.00.

    PS: If you go to, they have a code for 12% off your entire purchase from Smart Bargains (new customers only)
    1111437067_LG.jpg 1111437070_LG.jpg
  2. PPS: The brown leather one has some super cute hardware! The straps are attached to "C" and "D" letters, and the tastefully placed hardware make this a very sophisticated bag. I dont have a Dior but I wouldnt mind having this one. ;)
  3. LOL! One more thing! I peruse regularly and I rarely see merchandise of this caliber. Typically there is Kenneth Cole, Perlina, and Michael Rome and similar brands. I think this is the first time Ive seen a really high end bag on there and Im pretty sure they will go quick. They had a bunch of MBMJ a while back, and those bags sold QUICK! Anyhow, I have bought loads of stuff from Smart Bargains and can say that they have great CS, quick shipping, good return policy, and awesome prices.
  4. I looked but didn't find them so I guess they're all gone already!!!
  5. No they're still there.

    Go to womens bargains
    click handbags
    click new arrivals

    theres one as the featured item and one in the first row
  6. Not showing up for me, either.

    I looked a few different ways, including how you said foxiyellow.
  7. Must be gone! I did as foxiyellow said, and the featured bargain is a Calvin Klein bag. I tried by price range, and the most expansive range are $400-500.
  8. Go to Accessories and then browse by brand they only have 1 left of the first bag and 2 left of the second bag
  9. It's nice to see them get some decent stuff again- a year or so ago and before that smartbargains used to lots of top-tier brands and products but since then it's really tapered off- same goes for, who used to have lots of designer bags and accessories but now only do watches.
  10. The logo flight tote is SUPER cute and sold out

    Still 2 more of the brown bag left!