foundation - why?

  1. Hey,
    I was just contemplating the reasoning behind the need to wear foundation. Many people could say I have not had much experience since I am 16 but everyone at my school that wears it seems to have bad skin and others who dont wear it do not. I personally (as you have probably guessed) do NOT wear it, I've heard the rumors that it blocks your pores and gives you even more spots - so I stay well clear. My skin is relatively spot free but does NOT look as good as some foundation wearers as itdoesnt have that sheen. So I was wondering should I take the plunge and start wearing it or not?
    thanks x
  2. Why not start wearing foundation? To clarify the myth that foundation/make-up in general clogs up pores and cause breakouts...It will only clog up if you DON'T use a good base(includes a moisturizer/sunscreen) and don't PROPERLY REMOVE THE MAKE-UP (a milk cleanser works, an oil-cleanser is great too).
    If you're too afraid to wear foundation, try using a tinted moisturizer first. (Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown do really good ones. I personally like Bobbi Brown as it gives a really nice sheen).
  3. I don't wear foundation. Every makeup counter that I go to tell me that I have "good" skin. Plus, foundation makes me look old and I feel like my face is melting. I just use bronze powder by Prescriptives.

    If you don't have blemishes or uneven skin, you don't need foundation.
  4. thats a really good idea - I will try that thanks :smile:
  5. vogue is right, try the tinted moisturizers first. i think you might actually like it better and it's not as heavy as foundation.
  6. being 16, you probably don't need it. i'm a decade older and i only use it on weekends. for me, foundation noticeably evens out my skin tone. if you were interested, you should start off with a light foundation. i would recommend MAC Select Tint ($24). It is the most sheer foundation MAC created and it gives you a subtle sheen while offering protection in the form of SPF. you would probably love it. That or the Studio Fix foundation/powder combo. You apply it like powder, except it's got foundation in it too. happy hunting!
  7. I didn't wear make-up until I had to in my mid-20s, but I was a different kind of gal- very low-maintenance. I would start with tinted moisturizer. I really like Chanel. Goes on easily and the smell is very nice. Good luck.
  8. I didn't wear it when I was your age either, and my 13-year-old daughter doesn't need it. I need some serious *spackling* now, though! I've got rosacea and adult acne, so I need the coverage or I wouldn't wear it. Ah, for the days when all I had to do was put some eye makeup on.
  9. I wore foundation when I went to college because I loved it. There's no right age, just what you're comfortable with. But remember you do need sunscreen!
  10. I agree w/ Coachwife.
    I've always had a more 'natural' appearance, minimal make up.
    I recently tried Chanel's tinted moisturizer and it's amazing.
    Foudation is just too much coverage for a lot of us.
  11. ITA!!!:yes: :yes:
  12. Older skin isn't as even-toned as young skin. My skin color is uneven, so some kind of foundation evens it out. I'd prefer to go without make-up and around the house I do, but going out calls for some work.
  13. I don't use foundation. Tinted Moisturizer is all I need. In the winter I add just a touch of powder to take some of the shine off and that's it. My regular SAs tell me I don't need foundation. It's the random SAs that I think try to take my money by convincing me I MUST have foundation.
  14. i don't wear much makeup on a daily basis... i usually go w/o foundation, and dab a bit of concealer on blemishes. i just don't have the time nor patience for makeup, unless i'm going out on weekends.

    if your skin is already nice and even-toned, you probably don't need it.
  15. I wear foundation/powder depending because mine has SPF as Im too lazy to put on sunscreen separately as most i've tried are quite oily. =)