Foundation suggestions, normal skin

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  1. I'm thinking about changing my foundation and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or recommendation for normal skin. I've read a lot for dry or oily but not normal. MAC foundations will break me out. Any advice would be awesome, thanks!!
  2. My favourite foundations are Maybelline's pure makeup, Make Up For Ever's mat velvet+, Cover FX's powder fx.
  3. I use Bobbi Browns Foundation Stick or Oil-Free Even Finish Compact Foundation in Porcelain.
    It's the perfect color match for my skin tone! Bobbi Brown has a wide variety of colors which would suit anyones...

    This foundation doesn't bring me out in blemishes.
  4. Thank you both :tup:
  5. I JUST purchased CHANEL teint innocence.....LOVE IT!It covers all my blemishes yet doesnt look like foundation AT ALL!
  6. My skin is pretty normal - more like combination. I've been using Clinique, because I've found that it doesn't irritate my skin like some other foundations have.
  7. I also use MAC foundation, but switch it up with Christian Dior's Diorskin.
  8. i love shu uemura ;)
  9. Me too! Got it over the weekend, and I'm so in love with it.
  10. I used to use Clinique's compact makeup when my skin was not as oily as it is now and liked it.
  11. Thanks again everybody else, I think I'm going to go to my Chanel counter when my current foundation runs out and see if they have something that will work for my skin.