Foundation suggestions for oily/breakout skin?

  1. I have oily skin, prone to breakouts, open pores and blackheads. Can anyone suggest a foundation that may be suitable for me? I've read reviews on Estee Lauder double wear and Chanel double perfection. Any reccomendations?
  2. Try the mineral foundations like Everyday Minerals or Fyrinnae.
  3. I have oily skin and use the Chanel Double Perfection, I switched only recently, but I have been happy with it and will be buying it again. It is a nice light coverage, only a light coverage, not heavy or greasy and I do feel that it keeps my skin matte for a decent amount of time. I definitely think it is worth a try! Maybe they can give you a sample at the counter so you can test it out before buying a bottle.
  4. I have the same skin type, and I've found that most liquid foundations make me look even more oily after only a short time. I've tried almost all of them. So now I stick to powder/loose powder applied with a brush. If I want more coverage I use Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer. I got the tip right here on the Beauty Bar, and so far it has been working great for me. HTH!
  5. For those of you suggesting powder foundation, do you not find that powder (or rather the talc in it) breaks you out?

    I use talc-free Physicians' Formula powder
  6. I just started using this Clinique foundation that is supposed to help with oily skin and breakouts. I really like it. It has a matte finish and it also covers the scars that I have from acne much better than anything else I've tried. I can't remember the name of it but I think it cost $19.50. It really great for oily skin, but I think that it doesn't come in very many shades.
  7. I have oily, breakout-prone skin, but I use liquid foundation! I've tried all types and many brands, but I found that when I use powder, the dryness of the powder finish makes me even MORE oily. So I stick to liquid to keep my face balanced.

    Right now, I use MAC Studio Fix Liquid. It is heavy coverage, so it covers EVERYTHING. I touch up with MAC Blot Powder.
  8. Peach, when you say 'heavy coverage' is that to say its an even, matt cover or that its thick and cakey?? :confused1:
    I too have dreadfully oily/combo skin with enlarged pores and blackheads. Ick!!
    So ive hopped on the bandwagon. im eager to hear some suggestions because my foundation isnt doing me and favours...
  9. April_Skye, what I mean by "heavy coverage" is that it gives even, flawless coverage! In other words, I love Studio Fix Fluid. Its powder form broke me out and looked really cakey, but the liquid form is a dream! I bought a pump to go on the bottle and only use one pump, which is about a dime-sized dollop. I like that it blends well and you can build it up to your desired coverage.

    Oh, and if you're oily, I don't recommend mineral makeup. It didn't do anything for my skin!
  10. I have to say that I'm starting to change my mind about mineral make up. I haven't yet bought a full size as I have had (and still have) so many testers of different formulations from different brands.
    I got a sample of Estee Lauder double wear yesterday but I think it may be a little too thick (the SA wasn't very helpful at all) and I've been looking at the EL matte finish make up, can't remember the exact name, so will also try and get a sample of that. I like the sound of the Chanel double perfection too. Thanks for your suggestions girls, keep em coming!
  11. I've been using bare minerals for years 10+, lately it's just not working for me. I don't know why, maybe i'm getting older or something? so i've been on the hunt for a new foundation and have made up my mind I do not want a powder/mineral form. I was in the mac store picking up some fafi items and I asked my MA to makeup over with a new foundation, mineralized satinfinish foundation (liquid form). I have to say I love it. It's not as thick as studio fix, it's medium coverage and it makes my skin perfectly flawless. I walked outta there feeling like a million bucks. I gave it the real test by sleeping in it, and no breakouts. I'm very acne prone to fragrances and oils in foundations so this was a big plus for me. not to add it has vitamin A, C, E and spf 15 so it's actually making me skin texture better. PS: I could never wear MAC foundation in the past becuase it broke me out alot.
  12. I have very oily and very acne prone skin and I use Laura Mercier Mineral Powder. It's the only mineral powder foundation that has ever worked for me. I also sometimes use LM Powder Foundation, which comes in a compact. I use this if my skin is really, really broken out or blotchy and I need way more coverage. However, if I do use the powder foundation, I make extra sure that I was my face really well when I go to bed only because it isn't as "pure" as mineral foundation is.
  13. I have oily, blemish prone skin and need a heavier coverage. The best matte foundations for me have been pancake makeup i.e. Max Factor. On a well moisturized and primed face, the pancake foundation works wonders when applied immediately after. If I even have the slightest oily buildup, it just goes on blotchy.

    The Revlon compact foundations are excellent coverage, but quite creamy. It works for me too, has a more dewy look with finishing powder.
  14. I love Benefit's You Rebel and Some Kinda Gorgeous. I have problem skin, too-- or I did, until I used it. My skin is clearer because it's not as pore-cloggy as Chanel.
  15. I am african american and have oily skin and use PERSCRIPTIVES liquid foundation, it is excellent, would not use anything else.... I tried IMAN cause everyone raved about it, I tried it.... and it looked like theatre make-up.I also use NARS (heat) powder to finish and also have a MAC powder as well.