Foundation Shade Equivalence Thread

  1. It's so hard to find the perfect shade of foundation nowadays. Many of us don't have the time to keep buying and returning foundation because SA's don't properly match us, or the color changes throughout the day. I was thinking we can write down what shades we use in different brands of foundation, that are a close color match to each other.

    - Try to be as specific as possible about how close the color match is. If one foundation has a little bit more pink in it than another, please mention it because it's very helpful.
    - If you have a specific question about a foundation, like how well it works for oily skin, please pm the poster or start a new thread. Also, please no chit chat. This makes it easier to look through the information on this thread.
    - If you use different foundations from one brand that are labeled as a different shades, but they really are the same color, then please mention it.
    - "Foundation" includes powder foundation, liquid, mineral, tinted moisturizer.
    - If it will help, please include your ethnicity/undertones - Warm undertones include yellow, olive, red, orange. Cool undertones include pink, pink beige.

    I'm really hoping this thread gets a huge response because it would be so helpful to all of us that are forever searching for our perfect shade of foundation. :smile:
  2. Indian, yellow/olive undertones.

    MAC Studio Fix - C35
    MAC Select Tint - NC40
    Armani Luminous Silk - 7 (a little too pink, but it's not that noticeable unless you're in natural light)