Foundation/ Second Skin !

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  1. My choice brands for foundations that I use are, Mac, Revlon or Almay,
    I also use there pressed powders to.

    What foundations and powders do you use ?
  2. I'm brand new to it, but I really like, Loreal infallible. It covers well, but is very light and lasts for ever.
  3. Here in Fl I never wear foundation. My face feels so icky when I do. I just use a 45 sunscreen with Banana Boat instant bronzer mixed in for instant color that look real
  4. I use MAC Studiofix (powder foundation).
  5. I have very fair skin & I always seem to be trying something new. Currently it's Trish McEvoy. I love their whole planner system. BUT. I don't think it's light enough for me. I'm going to try Laura Mercier next.

    I change a lot because of the weather too. Just last month it was so dry here, I couldn't brush my hair! Soon the humidity will be outrageous & I'll need a lighter foundation & more powder.
  6. I use clinique pressed powder. I think that for now I can get away without using a liquid foundation, but when I have to ( like when its colder out) I REALLY want to get a hold of the kind that you spray on. It's either expensive, or not available to buy-- but I'm dying to try it out, supposedly it goes on so perfectly you can hardly tell it's there!
  7. I use Clinique SuperFit foundation and keep a Clinique pressed powder compact in my bag.
  8. I use Bobbi Brown when I need heavy coverage, but everyday I just use my Philosophy makeup.
  9. Prescriptives, in the compact and applied with a brush. I finally found a color that matches and stuck with this. I need a green base for redness, anything from B Kamins (pricey $$$$) to to Physicians Formula cheap $) works fine.
  10. I use Bare Escentuals - It's very light and comes in a rainbow of colors - and does a lot with a little.
  11. I don't use foundation. I only use Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer. It''s lightweight and natural. I love it!
  12. I am loyal to Lancome. Someone FINALLY made a foundation that doesn't make me look either pasty or like my face is a dark circle and the rest of my body is a differnt color. Love you Lancome!!!!
  13. How well does it do as far as coverage? I'm dying to try B.E. I just won an ebay auction for the foundation and bronzer. I think I might just run over to Ulta's tomorrow and pick some up to try. I'm not sure I can wait.....:nuts:
  14. I have always been a MAC studio fix girl...but recently I switched to DuWops tinted moisterizer....really great. And I just started using Prescriptives Flawless powder. Nice also. I think my skin was getting sick of MAC after 6 years of using the same thing. Also their compacts drive me crazy....sooo big.

  15. i just recently tried the stila illuminating powder foundation and their pressed powder.... must say i love it! and the packaging is so cute!

    previously ive tried laura mercier and loved that also

    i also stopped by the Mac counter.... but their powder foundation just seemed so thick and cakey.....didnt look as natural, could have be the way the sales person applied on me tho.......