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  1. Hola,

    I have been using MAC STUDIO TECH ( the wet creamy foundation one) for a while now and 1 compact lasts me for only a month.

    I was wondering if anyone knew any other brands ( drug store brand is okay too!) that has the same wet creamy coverage for cheaper? The MAC stdio tech is $30.

    I dont use the regular liquid foundation bc the coverage isnt as well as the creme.


    Thanks you!
  2. You have to try Studio Fix Fluid from MAC, I think its the best foundation they make, its liquid, and it covers better than Tech!!!! Same price though =\

  3. ahh cool! i will try it then, if the coverage seems to be better than the tech then its all good. :yes: thanks
  4. my only gripe with mac products is that they don't last long at all! i'm already out of my bronzer and i don't really wanna buy it again so soon.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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