foundation question

  1. I usually wear mac studio fix powder makeup.. The problem with it is that it doesnt stay on all day.. I have tried everything from liquid to MMU and havent been happy yet. I really want a good powder foundation like the mac but another (better staying, better coverage) kind. Any ideas? :idea:
  2. Chanel 'Purete Mat' powder is nice. It's shine controlling with SPF 15 and it lasts for a long time for me. Maybe you should try using a primer before you apply foundation? That should make it last longer.
  3. what knd of primer do you use with your chanel MU? I have a full bottle of teint innocense but it doesnt wear long on me either and i dont wear it but maybe a primer would help?
  4. I normally wear Smasbox photo finish, but I use MAC or Laura Mercier primer too. Teint Innocence is great, I like it.
  5. I wear studio fix too, and sometimes I sleep in it and it's still on the next day! Do you have oily skin? I would recommend a primer or dusting a little loose powder on over it. I also use Everyday Minerals but it doesn't last as long as Studio Fix.
  6. My sister said the same thing to me, SHe wears studio fix too and it lasts all day on her too. I dont know.. it looks good when i leave in the AM. but by lunch time i look like its gone and no makeup. I have normal skin, not oily or dry
  7. I totally agree!!
  8. i have the same problem and i also have the MAC Studiofix.....i haven't used anything else tho coz so far i do like the way the studiofix looks on me. i guess i could also try a primer and see how that goes......
  9. well im passing by the mall today so i think ill go to chanel and try the Chanel 'Purete Mat' powder on, see how it feels...
  10. stick to your foundation and go get face primer. I have oily skin, so believe you me, I know exactly what your talking about. I use smashbox primer (there is a specific one for people with oily skin, and normal skin if you have it) and your foundation will last all day.

    I put it on at 7 am in the morning, and by 8pm at night i look like I still have on foundation. really great stuff. also, Primer prevents the foundation from getting into your pores because it acts as a layer. so no worries from breakouts (although you should still wash your face before going to bed)
  11. ok so im back now, I talked to the SA that I alaways go to about my problem and she agreed that the liquid teint innocense was doing nothing for me... so after some trying on we both decided that I would be better with the compact teint innocense as its alittle more coverage and it has more staying power, i also got some foundation primer and a new glossimer so im excited about it all. Hopefully it works out!!
  12. Oh yay! Congrats on the purchases. I hope the compact works for you. The liquid is good for me since I don't need much coverage. The compacts provide much more coverage and they last longer too. I love Chanel makeup :heart:
  13. Congratulations on your Purchase.
  14. its very weird.... i really dont need much coverage, i have good clear skin its just that i feel oily if i dont wear makeup even though my skin isnt oily, its weird. im weird. i just hope i like it =) lol thanks for your help!
  15. Let us know how it is! Do you use blotting papers? The rice paper ones are great.