Foundation question about those who tan?

  1. Ok - I have about 3 different shades of foundation but they never seem to work as great as I'd hope. I tan once in awhile but I tan VERY easily (and by tan I mean, yes tanning beds).

    Just wondering what the ladies who tan do about their foundation and getting the right color? Because, I would be really nice and golden, then I'll fade. Oiy!
  2. When I'm tan, I don't use foundation, only Fresh Hihgnoon Glow:
    It's a liquid bronzer with illuminating effect, and provides a decent coverage,too.It's like a tinted moisturizer, and it can look lighter ot darker depending on how much you put on.The price($36) is pretty steep for such a small tube though.
  3. I don't do indoor tanning anymore (unless I have some serious winter blues). But, I get dark fast too so I know what you mean.

    What I do is I buy mineral foundation in my lighter shade and I just add loose bronzing powder to it as needed. I like Bare Minerals warmth, but I have to be careful not to add too much because it can look kind of pink on me. When I'm tanner I don't need as much foundation anyway. I just mix a little bit of foundation with a little bit of bronzer and dust it on.
  4. I have a summer and winter foundation. One for each season as my skin tone fades.
  5. I keep 2 shades; my lightest and my darkest....then I mix as need for the in between :smile:
  6. This year I used tinted moisturizers on my "tan" face, because my skin does dry up a little from sun exposure. As my tan has faded I have mixed a little foundation with the tinted moisturizer to maintain a good color match.