foundation primer?

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  1. I've now tried samples sizes from sephora of smashbox photofinish and laura mercier. have anyone tried laura gellar or can recommend any other foundation primers?

    i'm prefering the laura mercier at the moment but just wondering if there is better out there before i make my purchase.
  2. my two good friends swear by DHC Velvet Skin Coat
  3. ive used Smashbox photo finish for about a year now and havent really been too impressed with it. I think Laura Mercier might be my next choice.
  4. i don't have any primer recommendations but i just wanted to chime in and say that i've had my smashbox primer for ages now and i've never ben that impressed with it, but i just bought the kevyn aucion sensual skin enhancer, and i discovered that mixing it with my smashbox primer makes just about the most beautiful foundation ever that feels amazing going on my skin :tup:

    but other than :P
  5. ^Try the Laura Gellar..It's called spackle....You can use it alone or under your will see a difference..and so will everyone else..can't describe'll look totally 'smooth'...

  6. Where can you get this? Sephora?
  7. ^^ yea sephora just started carrying laura gellar.
  8. i use NARS but can't say if it's worth it or not. i only use it when i am going to have a looooong day.
  9. I use the smashbox and love it. Also-philosophy clear makeup can be used as a primer.
  10. Be careful on Smashbox I broke out sooo bad, I did not even know my skin was sensitive. It was bad. Their primer is way greasy

    I love Laura Merciers Primer. I use it daily. The rose smell goes away I have noticed.
  11. I'm using laura geller foundation and primer and love it. i've been using it for about 3 weeks and so far so good. I doesnt feel heavy at all.

  12. I'm using this and love it.

  13. I totally agree, it is greasy! It does help my make up go on smoother but it really doesn't make it stay put much longer than it would without it.
  14. I love DHC's primer.
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