1. Hi girls! :tender:

    I don't have really good skin - recently did a treatment for acne - and my skin tone is all uneven. I want to even it out and make the scars invisible. I don't want to do a routine of liquid foundation and then powder because my face feels heavy and it gives it a very paste-y oily look and touch (yes, I have really oily skin). So, does anyone know of any very good foundation/powder that is liquid, but when you apply it it turns to powder and gives a smooth but covering look?

    Thanks!! :flowers:
  2. Have you tried Bare Escentuals? It's minerals, so it's sorta like an airbrushed look. You could use the concealer and then the foundation followed by the mineral veil to stop your shine.
  3. I have Bare Escentuals and I love it. I never leave the house without it. It really does work. If you still have acne, use proactiv!! Proactiv works miracles!!
  4. Okay...I'm a new kid here and FWIW I swear by Bare Escentuals. Been using it for almost a year. That airbrushed look is wonderful since some people can't tell you have on makeup. :--)