foundation on my interior.!!!

  1. argh. my new purse, my signature pouch, got foundation on its interior.!! :hysteric:Any ideas on how you get it off.??? Thats guys.!
  2. I'm not very experienced in this, that's why my bags usually have black linings, LOL! Have you tried wiping with a baby wipe, gently?
  3. ok im no expert either. But! When i went to my husbands boot camp graduation in great lakes i of course wore makeup to look pretty. (hes a sailor btw) So there he was in his dress whites and it had been 2 long months and i missed him. So of course i was all hugs and kisses. Well, that put ALOT of cover up and foundation on his perfect looking crackerjacks. Plus some lipstick and eyeliner lol. (ok i was really happy to see him) I called my mom from the hotel in a panic, Stains on your dress whites is a BIG deal.. She said to use Palmolive dish soap and a warm washcloth. So i did and it all came right out. I was amazed. I dont know if it will work, but it sure did for us. So i hope that helps. If not, id try one of those tide to go pens (they didnt make those back then! lol) Good luck!!