Foundation Help!

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  1. Okay, I am obviously on this kick of trying to find the perfect foundation for myself. Your opinions will help. Here are some of the choices I keep going back and forth between:

    1) Armani Luminous Silk
    2) T. LeClerc Hydrating - love this one but not finding a color thats just right
    3) Make Up Forever HD
    4) Nars Sheer Glow or Nars Sheer Matte

    Please let me know your opinions! Thx :biggrin:
  2. Have you ever tried mixing 2 of your favorite formulas? I mix MAC Studio Fix Fluid with Clarins Everlasting and MAC's new Pro Longwear. Comes to be the perfect shade everytime! The Clarins is a little more matte and the Pro Longwear has a natural dewy finish. You should try those or try mixing the ones you have.

    I think we have lots of threads open with foundation recommendations. Try doing a search :smile:. HTH!
  3. Thanks nwhite, mixing is a good idea, but maybe too high maintenance for me. I just want it all in one, lol! I know all the ones I mentioned are very good, I was just asking opinions when compared to each other. ;)
  4. I havent used the first two but MUFE and NARS sheer glow have both been my go-to foundations recently, however I do favor MUFE HD liquid foundation.
  5. I have been a long time armani fan, however, a little while ago i bought into the hype about lancomes teint idole fresh wear foundation and got a few samples of it, I ADORE IT!! its really amazing, I had to buy the bottle.. I hate to admit that im a bit of a makeup snob :sweatdrop: I really buy into the brands and lancome isnt generally one of them but boy was I missing out, This stuff is great.

    I have combination skin and tend to get slightly oily in my tzone after about 8 hours, not with this stuff, it looks fresh and clean and oil free. true no makeup look! Im hooked!
  6. I like NARS Sheer Matte and Sheer Glow. I use the Sheer Matte almost every day. I've also tried MUFE Matte+ and liked it too... but, prefer NARS.
  7. I swap out between Nars Sheer Glow and Matte depending on how dry my skin looks/feels that day. Best foundation I've ever used and the ONLY one that's light enough for my glow in the dark pale. :happydance: