foundation help, a different issue

  1. Just when I got my skin looking nice and clear (thanks proactiv), I had to start taking a new prescription for something completely unrelated. The side effecs of this tablet are a 'rash' which actually turns out looking like I have real bad acne skin again :sad:. I hope this goes away quickly!
    I can't use any products with benzol peroxide (bye proactiv, i'll miss you), and I have to use a SUPER gentile cleanser to wash my face, so I bought cetaphyl (which is wonderful by the way).
    So now I need a new foundation. a full coverage thats going to cover some of this up. the one i have now is very sheer and I'm spending about twice the time i used to dotting consealer around my face because its just too light weight. So what would you reccomend for a full coverage (but not heavy if its possible) oil free foundation hopefully for very sensitive skin? it seems what I want and what I need contradicts itself, which is why I am stuck. thanks in advance!
  2. Jane Iredale mineral covers like a dream and it's great for sensitive and problem skin.
  3. Giorgio Armani. Oil free and good coverage.
  4. I like Nars - it is a little sheerer than I might like, but it does not irrititate my (sensitive) skin.
  5. Hi Corrinne, may I suggest you contact Luca of lushboxinc to see if she can offer you advice on which of her products (if any) can help you? This is what one of her customers wrote (long feedback) about this :

    "I had been using the same foundation for many years when the company decided to change it... and my quest began. *sigh* I have a very, very fair complexion and my skin is extremely sensitive. I also have bouts of adult acne and mild rosacea. I have tried numerous brands, none of which offered samples, and paid full price for a dozen or more foundations I couldn't use. I had been wanting to try a mineral foundation, but even the high-end brands of this type of foundation were too dark for me. When I came upon this sample size offer, I decided to try it. But I thought it sounded too good to be true. Well, I'm a believer now! I've been wearing it for the past three days and am completely hooked. It feels incredible, like wearing nothing. And, wonder of wonders, it comes in a shade that actually matches my skintone!!! It hasn't made me itch or break out. It doesn't irritate my skin. And I live at the beach and have worn it outside in 90 degree heat. I was sweating, but it didn't cake or run. I just blotted with a tissue and it was fine. Ok, I know this is long but I have to say one more thing... Because I had tried so many other disappointing products, I contacted the seller to let her know my situation. She was wonderful. She was confident that it would be right for me, but more than willing to work with me if I was unsatisfied. Thanks, Luca! You and your product get an A+++."

    Good luck, which ever foundation you decide to use!
  6. Try M.A.C. Studio's a very full coverage makeup and can be easily applied with your fingertip or a foundation brush.

    But, hold on to the hope that your meds will balance out and after a few months your body will adjust and maybe clear itself up. Have you tried taking Benadryl with it? That might help. I have a lot of allergic reactions to different things, but mine is due to exposure to an exessive amount of chemicals, and sometimes Benadryl really helps.
  7. wow thanks everyone! you are all always so helpful!

    :heart: :heart: