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  1. I have oily skin which is a blessing and a curse all at once. Wrinkles are not a problem, but shiny skin is. I bought Diorsking pure light, and I really must say, I am not very happy with it. It really just seems to make my skin look even more shiny! Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Bare Escentuals-it's a mineral (powder) foundation great coverage feels like you're wearing nothing and fabulous for oily skin-they also have "mineral veil" which gives added shine protection!
  3. Jennifer, the company I am an independent consultant for, Arbonne, has an incredible stick foundation for oily skin. Along w/ a personalizer to pat on throughout the day to absorb any excess oil. Arbonne is all natural products formulated in Switzerland. Unfortunately we are not International until 2007! I have a customer who owns a health & wellness spa in Germany & she loves our anti-aging & products & our makeup so much, she has us order them & then resend them to her. I know that seems like a lot of work, but when something works, we sometimes go thru a lot to get it. Heres the info on the 2 products & my e-mail & website that will link you to Arbonne if you have any interest in learning more. I'd be happy to just give you my 35% off. My mother who had the oiliest skin ever swears by our skin care & foundation stick. Her skin is completly changed to "normal". E-mail or call me w/ any questions. This company & products are really quite amazing. I even have samples of the skin care I could mail to you in Paris =)
  4. Ah, we also have a mineral powder =) I used to use bare minerals, but their powder made my skin look kind of ashy & creased up by the end of the day. My friend who was a makeup artist for Chanel for 7 yrs is the one who got me involved w/ Arbonne & she swears by it. She cannot believe the difference in quality. And, Arbonne is 55% cheaper.
  5. Shannon, is it possible to get a sample of the stick foundation? I think I would take the lightest cool color, but I'm not sure. In Chanel powder foundation I use Vanilla and in MAC Studiofix, I'm an NC20.
  6. hey, my friend has an oily skin too, she used maybelline clear smooth aqua gel foundation,, then poof the oily looks are gone... its not pricey but it is a good product.. and also try brands like MAC, smashbox and bobbi brown..
  7. I hve oily skin and have yet to find the perfect foundation. I've tried most and haven't been satisfied with any-- most seem to slide off my face by mid-afternoon. I blot all day!! So I too would be interested in finding one that works... and isn't too heavy... not too shiny... etc.
  8. Sure, let me get ahold of my friend Tara that worked for Chanel to find out what color would be the same as Vanilla. I have to run for now, but I'll get back to you this afternoon =)
  9. I second this recommendation! I love Bare Minerals!

    Before I discovered BM, I used Clinique Clarifying Makeup - also good for oily skin.
  10. Thanks!
  11. I am another Bare Minerals lover!!! :biggrin: I have oily skin and it works well!!
  12. Arbonne makes fabulous skin care and this is coming from a "skin care slut" I sell Mary Kay and Avon, have for years and I try everything-I have never tried their (Arbonne) cosmetic products but I NEVER have had a creasing issue with Bare Minerals-it does not fall into my large pores and my skin at times is EXTREMELY oily as opposed to regular oily-due to not to put down another product but I think you will find BE very much to your liking!
  13. Bare Minerals is ok if you are not a person of color (as told to me by a SA in the BE store). I tried even the new colors and they are ashy on me and too sparkly (glowing as they called it)...
  14. YES! I recommended this to a friend of mine who has the oiliest skin I have ever seen, and she is completely in love with it. She says she gets compliments on her "gorgeous skin" with it, and she can ever work out with it on with no problems. And it's reasonably priced! (I use it, too...and I have given gift kits to my mom and sister, and they both love it.)
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