Foundation experts...I need your advice

  1. I've tried tons....Mac studio fix, NARS liquid and powder, bobbi brown, laura mercier tinted moisturizer, estee lauder day wear

    what is the best foundation for oily skin, I'm Indian so I have yellow undertones and when I bought studio fix, I was NC45...I think

    I want medium coverage...more than a tinted moisturizer, but not heavy cakey foundation....

    is there one I haven't tried that's really good?

  2. Clinique Total Coverage!! I use to have oily skin so finding make up that would last against my flooding pores (lol) was very hard but this lasted all day and didnt give me that cakey/mask look either! Iv had the same tube since may you only have to use a very little bit! It cost 20$ a tube and is completly worth every penny!
  3. Try L'oreal HIP. It's especially for oily skin, and the colors are less pink than most. Plus it's cheap.

    Another thing you can do is get some yellow oil-free concealer, and mix it in. Physicians Formula makes a liquidy one, and they also have them in green.

    Sometimes what is needed besides yellow is just to cool it down, and the best way to do that is get some Palladio rice powder in translucent beige, loose, dump it out of the container it comes in into one of those huge old fashioned crystal powder boxes, and then get some light blue eye shadow, grind it to a powder, and mix just the teensiest bit in, then test it on your neck, and if you need a little more, add a little more, until you get it right.

    Then after you do your foundation, you can just dust on your powder (and rice powder is great for oily skin, BTW) and watch the magic of color correction occur before your very eyes!
  4. I had the same problem. I have yellow undertones and tried almost all of them, by bathroom started to look like a lab.
    finally I found one that is non comedogenic, medium coverage by Precriptives, they custom make them for you to match your skin to perfection.
    they take a bit of time but it's worth it....
  5. Try Armani's Luminous Silk foundation. It's light and provides good coverage. I also recommend MAC's Hyperreal liquid.
  6. I am no expert but I have olive skin and I swear by Shiseido makeup dual balancing foundation SPF 17 for daily wear. This brand really understands olive skin!
    Cle de peau (shiseido luxury brand) is also performed fabulously but its very expensive and I use their creme foundation only for special events.

    I have tried almost everything as well (L'oreal, armani, chanel, clinique, bobbi brown, mac, maybeline, bourjois, dior, laura mercier, prescriptives, lancome, tarte, benefit, makeup forever ...:sweatdrop: )
  7. I firmly believe Shiseido and La Prairie have worked wonders on me as well. Since you have oily skin, have you thought about mineral m/u? Also, do you use a mattifying primer underneath?
  8. Chanel Teint Naturale! It goes on sooo naturally and I have oily skin too. It still looks flawless by the end of the day.
  9. For medium coverage, I like MUFE Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation.It looks amazingly flawless and natural, lasts all day and controls shine.I love this stuff!
  10. Have you tried mineral foundation?

    I don't have oily skin, but as far as I know mineral makeup works on all skin types (except extremely dry).

    It feels really light, but it covers better than any liquid I've tried. It looks natural though, not made up. It never makes me break out either.

    Right now I'm using Lumiere, which comes in a ton of different shades. But Bare Escentuals starter kits are great, because they come with three shades of foundation, finishing powder, bronzer and usually a brush or two.
  11. i have yellow undertones as well, i recommend Armani Liquid Silk Foundation (i think that's what it's called...i know it's LSF). It makes my skin look absolutely flawless, but when i tell people, they're often surprised that I'm wearing makeup - they just think my skin is fantastic (it even fooled the makeup artist at the Dior counter in Bloomies this weekend). it's medium coverage, and if you have a problem with oil, i'd recommend getting some of MAC's blot powder to finish it instead of regular powder (their blot powder is excellent at controlling oil). with that combo, you should be set.
  12. I think you mean Armani Luminous Silk:smile:
  13. I'm Asian with yellow undertones and combination skin as well and have tried almost every foundation out there. The ones that make me happiest:

    Chantecaille Just Skin - it's marketed as a tinted moisturizer but actually provides medium coverage if you layer; also has a great natural finish

    Paul & Joe - they have great shades for yellow-toned folks (in liquid and cream forms) and wonderful staying power. They also have nice pressed powder to go with your foundation

    Awake - the exbright cream foundation works well and provides the most coverage among these 3.

    And mineral foundation might work for you too (though I had trouble finding just the right shade with Bare Escentuals so ended up trying other brands of mineral foundation. Laura Mercier has a line but I haven't tried that)

    Good luck!

  14. do you mean continuous coverage? did a search on the clinique site and that's all i can come up with and it's in a tube for $19.50