Foundation Ending up on clothes

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  1. I don't know if this has been talked about before but...

    Am I the only one who has this problem? Whenever I wear a shirt that has a collar or a high neckline, my foundation just rubs off on it during the day. Which makes me not want to wear white or gray because it's very obvious. Are there any foundations that set without rubbing off on clothes or is there a secret to not getting foundation on your clothes? I mean it's getting colder and I do want to start pulling out my scarfs but gosh, the thought of foundation on my scarves...
  2. I have to ask as I had this problem when I didn't use one: do you have a setting powder?
  3. Have you tried Estee Lauder Doublewear? They've expanded on their colours recently (and also seems to be a bit easier to work with, even for my dryish skin). Might be worth a sample?

    Tbh, I suspect most foundations will rub, just that some might rub off less than others...

    Hope you find something though.:smile:
  4. Powder to set the foundation and perhaps setting spray too.
  5. I do use a powder and I'm starting to think it makes it worse. I'll try get a sample of double wear.
  6. Use the Chanel water base , it is great.
  7. You need a setting powder. I use still be Laura Mercier's but the price of it and the fact I use if every day was getting crazy. I started looking for alternatives and have since found NYC's translucent setting powder and its just the same only it's like 3 BUCKS!! You can't go wrong with that!
  8. I'm a big fan of estee lauder double wear too!!

    Ugh, such a pain when this happens. I try to gradually thin down the foundation on my face so there's barely any on in the area where a shirt or sweater touches my jawline if that makes sense.

  9. As someone with dry skin, my skin tends to drink up all the foundation throughout the day and I know I've never had this problem. Is your skin really oily? It could be an issue of the foundation not mixing well with the oil and not setting properly.

    Ever tried a water based foundation? Mac face and body is great.