Foundation/Cover-Up - Powder or Liquid?


Which do you use?

  1. Liquid

  2. Powder

  3. Something Else

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  1. Whenever I use liquid cover-up or foundation, it always fades to an orange-ey color by the end of the day, but whenever i use powdered, it LOOKS powdered and makes my skin look... flakey, for lack of better words.

    When i combine the two, you can actually SEE the layers of skin.'s pretty messed up.

    any suggestion on a makeup to use that WONT cause this problem?
  2. It depends a lot on your skin type, imo.

    I have extremely dry skin and used liquid foundation and tried a few others until about 4 years ago. Nothing worked well for me because in the winter, it'd kind of flake where I was dry, etc. Just a mess...Plus, I am a minimalist when it comes to make up, so the FEEL of it all....ewwww....I just don't like it.

    I was getting a facial once at a salon and the gal introduced me to Glo Minerals. It's sold at some derm. offices and I noticed to my glee is now at Beauty Brands as well.

    The 'foundation' is a powder. You put lotion on your face then take a special brush and stiple (sp?) it into your skin. It polishes your face off beautifully and feels like NOTHING is on your face.

    I also use the finishing spray from them that you spray afterwards to set it...LOVE that.

    I've had no problems w/dry, or flaky or greasy or anything. It runs around 40 bucks a compact.

    Now....I have no idea how this works if your skin is maybe if that's your case, another pf'r can attest to this product...???....or give you another suggestion.
  3. Lately I haven't been using any makeup at all...but when I do, I use Bare Minerals powder. The main thing I make sure I never go without is SUNSCREEN ... La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 50+
  4. I help friends do their bases, and they always love it.

    Exfoliate beforehand.
    Moisturize with a light hand.
    Use a base.
    Use a liquid foundation - the technique is to squeeze a little by little out of the tube and apply with quick motions 'out and downwards' of the face...concentrate on areas where you've got redness or pigmentation.
    Dust a light veil of loose powder (transluscent) to set the make up.
  5. I use Bobbi Brown luminous moisturizing foundation. My skin looks fresh and never cakey. A little goes a long way. BB has great yellow based colors too, great for neutralizing redness.
  6. I didn't vote b/c sometimes I use both depending on how my skin is acting that day.
  7. Ditto!!!

    Some days if I'm doing a 1 minute face to run to the corner store or hide in a movie theater I use powdered foundation (either BE minerals or a pressed EL compact), lipstick, and a swipe of mascara.

    Most days when I do a full face I use liquid (YSL)
  8. The only one I can wear daily is powder. I use Bare Minerals. I have some nice Chanel liquid but it makes me feel all clammy and yucky if I wear it so I never use it.
  9. Only liquid. Have you tried a spray on ? It usually looks much more natural. =)
  10. I use Chanel Double Perfection powder. Great coverage without being heavy. It has SPF 10 in it too, yay!
  11. that's what I do and most people can't even tell when I'm wearing foundation.
  12. Thanks for the tips!! I usually end up with an oily face and some flakes but now I see what I've been doing wrong. Thanks again!