Found yet another PINK item!

  1. Sorry if this has been posted before, but I found this in this month's Marie Claire.
    It's a true pink color on the magazine page but I don't know if the true color will come out in the picture tho!:love: $398.00[​IMG]
  2. that is really cute -
  3. I have to have that!!! I wonder when it comes out? Thank you for posting that!
  4. Oh Yessss...:drool:I must have it!!
  5. No other info given, just the price.:confused1:
  6. what a pretty pink! Will the lily come in this color?? thanks for posting! love it!
  7. Lily in this color, OMG! :wtf: :tup:
  8. I believe thats this years new rose color.
  9. This is the Bridgit bag. Someone else ordered it from JAX and the color is more coral than pink. It comes out in February, but it's already available from JAX.
  10. That's what I thought too, but on the page it's definitely pink. The new rose that I saw looked more orange?
  11. More coral than pink:confused1:, darn, the picture is such a pretty pink too!
  12. That is really cute!
  13. Love it. This style reminds me of MJ. Marc Jacobs.
  14. I love it but the price is killing me!!
  15. Wow...$398? Is that the wristlet size?