Found what may be my first Chanel bag...

  1. Today, I went over to Nordie's at the Mall of America to check out the Chanel Boutique for the very first time. (I have Chanel sunglasses but other than that, nothing else...and know little about their handbag lines) The SA there was SUPER nice and extremely helpful with showing me the classic 'first time buyer' pieces, seasonal and more trendy items. She showed me a small black caviar tote ($1350) which was very beautiful with its quilted black leather and snappy gold-metal strap. It was not too big nor too small and fit perfectly over my shoulder even with a winter coat. (Hey, its -15 here today!) Unfortunately, I have been going a little crazy with my LV purchases lately, so a $1350 bag was not in my sights at the moment, but I got her card and name of the item, so I told her I will be back within 2-3 weeks. I never knew much about Chanel before, but wow, they have some really pretty bags! Very classic and timeless. How is the quality, overall? (Again, since I am an LV girl)
  2. Hi and welcome to the dark side! LOL! You'll be hooked in no time. Sounds like you are considering the PST (petite shopping tote). It's a great first Chanel, and very reasonably priced for Chanel. You should no doubt grab it before the next price increase! The caviar is very sturdy, scratch resistant and pretty much worry free. Don't forget to post when you get it!
  3. When is the price increase?
  4. Seems like there are a few gals moving over to Chanel from LV. (Like me.)
  5. LOL, not sure if I could afford to make a complete 'jump,' but man, the Chanel handbags and accessories are gorgeous nonetheless!! :p
  6. Some people have had some issues w/ Chanel quality in the past year, I personally have never had any problem at all . . . so like most brands, there's some that fall through the cracks. Chanel is usually leather and is handmade so not always "perfect".
    That is a great little bag, I'd get it!
  7. I loved how it felt on...and it was structured yet soft....hmmmmm!!
  8. I would take the plunge to the darkside and get it! Nothing feels better than your first Chanel :tender:
  9. I was SOOOOO impressed by the phenomenal customer service...I never get that at my local LV, which saddens me.
  10. Same here! Although not completely moving over...just cheating on LV a little!:love:
  11. Welcome!!!! I think the PST is a great first purchase from Chanel.
    I haven't had any problems with my Chanel bags but I haven't had mine for long. I do own vintage flap and I'm impressed as it's still in almost perfect condition.
  12. The more I read, the more I am sure I want that as my first Chanel bag! I was playing with the idea of the Medallian in black, but not sure about the 2k price (gulp) and also, which is a more classic piece.
  13. I like the PST better than the medallion because you get the quilting and the chain on the PST, I love the chain, IMO it's more classic Chanel.....
  14. I am also thinking about the Chanel PST. But wondering does anyone have pics of the inside that I can see?

    Thanks so much!
  15. I live in the same state and I'm basically in the same position as you! I'm waiting on the PST in white which the SA says it will be coming next excited but not sure yet if thats the one I want. The service in LV at Macy's confuses me sometimes. It's like they have mood week their nice and the next they dont want to help...haha