Found Vert gazon GGH Partime at Barneys, I think.....

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  1. Well, today I called Barneys Chicago to get an update on a Pine day with ggh
    and the SA told me that they have one in a bright green.....:nuts::yahoo:

    I really got my hopes up now, I am still looking for the day in that gorgeous
    color, the SA told me, that it is a partime bag and it was upstairs -stored away
    for a while.:tup:Has not been on the floor and stored away.
    They have a lot of bags stored away like that.

    What??? Did I hear that??:drool:
    A PT?
    Even better, I think, though the day is my favorite.:nogood:

    So I went ahead and got it and it is coming my way on Wednesday.
    I will post pics when I get the bag.
    Now I am not sure if I can hang on to my Violet SGH any longer, since I am
    running out of money.:sweatdrop:
    Hope it is vert gazon, I still think the green is awsome and a keeper.:tender:
  2. Wow - what luck if it turns out to be a vert gazon! Looking forward to seeing the pics. :yes:
  3. :woohoo::yahoo:Yes, I never would have thought that I could find one, I would prefer the
    daybag, but a pt is not a bad deal.
    Yeah, I was waiting for that kind of a find for almost 1/2 year.:boxing:
    I was not even looking anymore......:supacool:
  4. Cool - let us know when it arrives and please post piccies.
  5. OMG, could you have scored a brand new Vert Gazon Part Time??????? Oh the suspense is killing me!

  6. Yeah, it`s killing me too, I called them 3 times to make sure it is the color I `m
    looking for, the SA said that this was not Pine and it is not olive or vert eau,
    so it must be VG.....I scored.....:upsidedown::upsidedown:
  7. Lucky!

    Please post pics when you get it.
  8. Wow! What a cool find - I hope it is vert gazon - I love it!:love:
    Please post pics once she arrives!
  9. I was just at Barney's when I went to Chicago last month. The selection they had on the floor was pitiful. I did ask the SA if that was all they had and he said that everything they had was out on the floor...........I wonder. :cursing:

  10. Yes, I know, but the my SA found the VG not on the floor, but is was tucked away
    in storage, he said, that the rotate the bags from season to season, so your
    bag you are looking for could still be up there.
    But if they have everything on the floor by now, I really must be lucky, I did not look
    for the VG anymore, maybe that`s why one suddenly find it.:lol:
  11. That's an amazing find, I would love to get my hands on a Day in Vert Gazon!
  12. wow ... can't wait to see the pics ... congrats!
  13. OHHHhhhh I love Vert Gazon:heart:,hope for U!!
  14. i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! :smile:
  15. Can't wait to see it!!!! Post pics when you get it. :tup: