Found this whilest clearing house... real?

  1. Hi guys. i posted this in authenitcate this.. but im thinking this isnt an ebay thing so maybe that was the wrong place to post

    I found this clearing up. my mum said she got as a present in 2002 bt she doestn remeber from who so we dont know if its real.. what do u guys think>

    P1010188.JPG P1010189.JPG P1010190.JPG
  2. From the prints of the monogram, I don't think it's real but then, that's just me. :P
  3. I don't think it's real either because of the monogram on the back, the logos aren't centered which on an authentic one is. LV avoids cutting the logo off. The paper inside of it is to white. LV uses a more beige handmade paper for the agendas. Sorry but I believe it's a fake.
  4. yeha i cant put my figner on it but it doesnt look quite right but a grade a fake that will fool the average person!
  5. IMO, it's wrong.
    I see 4 pockets for credit cards - the small agenda has 3, the medium 6. I haven't seen one w/ 4 so far.
  6. isnt the lining a burt oragne color anyway
  7. Bring it to your local LV store and have the manager authenticate it for you. It doesn't look authentic from the pix but they can be deceiving.
  8. I know they do pretty good fakes in the agendas. I think its fake. There is something off about it. :sad:
  9. Thanks guys. i had a feeling it might be. we dont have an LV store here. but i thought it wsa strange to be real and i never noticed it before teehee. oh well.. ill give it to my lil sister she can use it