found this website...

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  1. i found this japanese coach werbsite somewhere? i cant remeber where? maybe someone already posted this? but anyways I like it even though I cant buy anything can i? But it has pictures of each bag with better details you get a better idea how big they are, and they also have models modeling them so thats nice =D

    ¡Ú³ÚÅ·»Ô¾ì¡ÛCOACH ¡Ú¥³¡¼¥Á¡Û¥Ð¥Ã¥° 2¡§¥¢¥¤¥¨¥à¥Ô¡¼¥³¥ì¥¯¥·¥ç¥ó



  2. Wow! They have a lot of really good pictures! I've never seen some of the bags either. Like the one you posted, which is totally hot by the way.
  3. That's awesome!!! But the price may be higher and everything. But they do have really nice bags