1. Hey Ladies I Was Browsing Through The Instyle Magazine April Issue And Read About This Webpage That Has Vintage Purses -chanel Of Course
    I Checked It Out And All The Prices To Me Seemed So High...
  2. Oh Yeah I Was Also Told That Some Of The Stars Get There Vintage Bags From Here As Well
  3. Thank you! I will check it out!
  4. judging my the standards that michele and mon apply in the authenticate this forum, many of these bags are fake.

    according to the authenticators, the flaps should have 8 triangles across, not 7 and should have 2 triangles directly above the CC closure, not 3.

    I would be weary of this site ladies!
  5. I also checked out the site and thought they were expensive. I plan on buying my first Chanel while I'm traveling to France in July. Are the prices in Europe better/worse than in the US?
    I'm really itching for a Chanel handbag now!!!
  6. those prices are crazy! For a little more you can get a new one form Chanel with piece of mind.