found this sass & bide dress, see by chloe skirt nanette lepore and mj and anna sui

  1. Found these items what do you think??
  2. here are some picturesd
    seebychloe1.jpg seebychloe2.jpg seebychloe3.jpg seebychloe4.jpg sass1.jpg
  3. I'm not sure what you're asking?
    Do we like them?
    Or are they authentic?
  4. here are more pictures what do you think??
    Sassnew.jpg nanette1.jpg nanette2.jpg sui1.jpg
  5. just do you like them? yes they are authentic i already know this and its a money back guarentee so its for sure
  6. Oh, okay! I'll move this to the Wardrobe then, it's the clothing Forum:yes:
  7. enjoy your new purchases! you had a good spending spree!
  8. mmm everything i like except the chloe skirt... maybe its one of those looks better on person type of item tho. Dress looks very cute!
  9. I love the dress!