Found this piece in the local paper

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  1. It’s in the bag!

    Jul 9 2009 by Sarah Dale, Evening Gazette

    What your handbag says about you...
    PSYCHOLOGIST Anjula Mutanda says our handbag choices can determine one of four personalities:
    THIS woman enjoys being ordered and may well be drawn to a bag with lots of compartments or pockets. She is never weighed down with unnecessary clutter, secure in the knowledge she has all she needs. She chooses her bag with care paying a lot of attention to detail and rarely buys on impulse – she may well pick out one key piece that goes with all her outfits. She regularly declutters her bag and doesn’t have any regrets about what she throws out. Focused and organised are her key strengths.
    THIS woman is ready for every eventuality. She is a nurturer by nature, and will ensure that she has a spare everything just in case and a sizable bag to match. You’ll never find her without every practical life-tool from pens to tissues, phone numbers to headache tablets. She likes a bag that can contain all her "what-ifs". This means she can often be found rummaging inside her bag through the clutter for a way to help out. A reliable problem-solver and being prepared are her key strengths.
    THIS woman enjoys having a different bag for different occasions and being fashion forward is definitely her thing. Flicking through style magazines and picking out her next purse gives her an adrenalin rush, and she is not above the odd impulse purchase. She carries her little or large pieces of glamour like a prized possession, and is unafraid to model bold colours or showy styles. Her fabulous bags tend to contain equally fabulous gadgets. This woman’s key strengths are confidence and outspoken style.
    THIS woman is the Audrey Hepburn of handbag carriers. Quality and good value are her key concerns. Her quiet elegance and effortless style tends to draw nods of approval from those around her. A leader by nature, she has a definitive style signature that others want to copy. The inner contents of her bag remain secret as only she has the knowledge of what she carries within. However, her warmth and engaging nature make her approachable and friendly - her key strengths.
  2. haha I'm obviously a gemini split personality as i don't think any one of them describes me!
  3. I am clearly an alien being of some kind as I am not any of them either.
  4. Hmm I can identify with bits from 2 or 3 of them! :confused1:
  5. ^^^ me too!
  6. I'm sure those who know me would liken me to Audrey Hepburn (not!).
  7. Interesting - we all have parts of all those I think... I'm 20%-40%-30%-10%..ish!
  8. I'm a bit of all of them really!
  9. That's why we buy so many bags, it's all these multiple personalities we have :nuts: