Found this on sale...thoughts??

  1. I have eyed this pair before, now they are on sale. What do you think?? I love the bronze patent. I know the heel is a little lower. I have a call into NAP because it says runs large to size, need to clarify on that. They are a little over $400. Good buy? You like?:shrugs:
    cl bronze.jpg
  2. They are cute. I look stupid in really pointy shoes, for some reason - even the pigalle looks stupid on me, but they look good on other people. If pointy-toed shoes look good on you I would go fot it. I like the color.
  3. Do you really LOVE them? Or is it b/c they are on sale?
  4. Good question. I really LIKE them.
  5. LOVE the color, but for me the heel would be waaaayyy too low!
  6. I LOVE the color..would like it in a higher heel however. I am currently in need of pigalle because it's a dressy/casual shoe that I can still wear with jeans. Tres chic :biggrin:
  7. i would love some toe cleavage hehe, i've seen them on NAP and they look fab for work but not sure if i would wear them for otherwise. get them if you can make the best use out of them! ;)
  8. ladydeluxe, this has nothing to do with Louboutins, ;) I just wanted to let you know, your outfits are really amazing! I have been lurking the Chanel threads. :biggrin: I will probably post pictures soon. I am traveling for the next two weeks however so I only have two bags available. My GST and this black vintage flap my mother just gave me.
  9. ^ thanks sweetie :blush: now that you've busted me lol, i realize i've been on Chanel too much acks! you should post pics soon. i can't wait to see them! ;)
  10. Maybe I'll go take a picture now. :amuse:
  11. ^ hehe sure! :popcorn: post it in the action thread on chanel!!
  12. I'm posting it right after this! ;)
  13. priiin, I checked out your chanel pic, and you look so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. So what is doggies name???? Looks mighty comfy!!:heart:
  15. Aww thank you ;)