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  1. I love the straw bag. I just don't like how wide and open it is. Someone can just reach in and take your wallet, that's my main concern.
  2. I hated the starw bags, but after seeing that one I loved it!
  3. i kinda REALLY like the straw bag.
  4. Like the trim, but am not a fan of the bag.
  5. OMG, Macy's actually updated their website? They've had the same Coach stuff for months. Must go look now...:smile:
  6. It's very cute in person. My Macy's and Nordies had them, however, they are strictly handheld bags. Also, they are very stiff. And the open top (especially since the bag is sooo stiff) would worry, there is only a dog leash closure.
  7. The website already says "this item is no longer available."

    ETA: to clarify, the straw bag as sold court811 said...
  8. *nevermind*
  9. sorry for the repost about the sold out bag, oops!
    It is super cute though, but the SA at the outlet said that you have to be super careful with the straw, which makes sense, but I'm not very careful with my bags.
  10. Ditto.
  11. theh orange flower is cute! :smile:
  12. I saw the straw last weekend at Dillards and really liked the look but the straw is very stiff.
  13. saw it at my macys tonight..way way too stiff
    but the flower motif wristlet and cute!!!