Found these Japanese Qees on Strapya World. I thought you guys would be interested.

  1. I don't own any Tokidoki stuff, but I visit Strapya World regularly. Imagine my surprise when I saw these Qee keychains advertized on their main page. Cute! I can only imagine these were made for the Japanese market or something.

    If anyone is interested in ordering, be assured I have ordered from them and they're very good. The items come quickly and their customer service is great! :tup:
  2. I love Strapya! Unfortunately most keyfobs don't work on my phone unless the thread is very very skinny... hee, now if there were Qee fobs... I might buy one. :biggrin:
  3. wow so expensive.. i thought some ppl found these at the lesportsac sample sale for wayy cheap.
  4. Oh wow, they sell for waaaaaaaaay less on e-bay!! But I have to admit they're expensive in store!!

    And yeah, people got them at the sample sale for like $3 each or something!!
  5. ^^ I had no idea if these were a rare item or not. Again, I am not a Tokidoki enthusiast. Oh well...
  6. Thanks for the info!! :tup: We appreciate it!! ;)
  7. Hahaha.. oh man, this website is too cute ! I LOVE the golden poo straps !!

    A little OT - does anyone know the name of the Japanese rain charm guy ? Kinda looks like a tied up sheet with a face? I had one of those charms and of course, I dropped it and it broke into horrible little pieces. :sad:
  8. It's called a Teru Teru Boozu. We used to make them out of tissue paper.
  9. Yess !! I just figured it out - I always thought of it as taretareballzu so that really messed me up !
  10. Taretareballzu!! :roflmfao: That's awesome!!

    It's sauce sauce balls!! *lol*
  11. LMAO :lol: I never knew the name of those things! They're too cute! *sigh* Strapya again.. I have this HUGE URGE to buy more stuff :drool:.....
  12. Does anyone have pics of Saucy Balls? ;) I've never seen one.
  13. Saucy balls?

    Oh, I was just making a joke... It's actually a teru teru boozu, but ayla thought it was taretareballzu. And "tare" in Japanese is sauce (it also mean to hang, kinda). So I said taretareballzu is "sauce sauce balls."

    You can make a teru teru boozu with tissues. Take some tissues and make a ball. Then put the ball in the center of flat tissue and then tie it with a string or something so that it looks like a ghost. Then draw a cute face on it...
  14. What can I say.. I love my balls sauced up ! :graucho:
  15. *lmao*

    My ex-fiance used to say "you like sauce?" meaning you-know-what. :push: *lol*