Found the perfect Truffle Purse Anyone looking?

  1. If anyone's interested I was out shopping today and came accross what I thought was the best Truffle leather I have seen yet. IT was not Veiny at all or shiny. It was nice and smooth like the old leather. If you want to know where to find this beauty, let me know. The SA is holding it. If I didn't just buy a brown chloe and grenat purse this would be mine:yahoo:
  2. gosh, that's soooooooo sweet of you girl, i hope someone gets it :flowers:
  3. I hope someone that deserves it gets it. The color was amazing and I was not a fan of truffle until I saw this particular bag. seemed a lot darker then the other truffles. So nice!
  4. wow, sounds great, can you tell us what the leather was like (?) :yes:

    p.s. i'm guessing you have it on hold @ the nyc store (?)
  5. It was smooth and looked like the older thick solid leather. (makes sense?) Not veiny or shiny. Very smooth and for some reason seemed a little bit darker brown then a lot of the other truffles I've seen.