Found the Perfect pen for my Framboise agenda pm!!!

  1. As a result of a suggestion of another PFer (when I figure out who it was I'll acknowlege) I went to Tiffany's to check out their "purse pen" because they fit the small agenda. I was planning on getting the Tiffany blue that I saw on the website which I think is enamel and brass but they didn't have it:crybaby: They did however have the same style pen in sterling silver/color and diamond cut:wlae: . Was gonna go with the Tif. blue but then saw this awesome pink and couldn't resist:yahoo: Soooo happy to find a pretty pen to fit my small agenda and @ a not so bad price $85, only $15 more than the enamel/brass one and it's sterling!
  2. looks great with your agenda!! Congrats!
  3. Very cute !! :yes: Congrats !
  4. looks great! i like the pen!
  5. Thanks! I guess the pink goes better than the Tif. blue......may have to get a blue one in the future, something about Tiffany stuff in that signature blue.....
  6. Great combo :smile:
  7. Wow, it looks great and a perfect match with the framboise!
  8. Lola24 that's a beautiful pen! You have some beautiful things.
  9. psst...everyone. Who is this Lola girl? I mean, do we know anything about her? I wised up and figured out she must have been planted here by LV because agenda sales were down. Now that those are on the rise (aka...going through the roof), I see she's taken up with Tiffany and Co. to help with their pen sales. Not to mention that she works for Filofax on the side too!

    Seriously the pen, the agenda, and all your stuff! I plan to get an agenda, but can't decide yet which one. Of course the framboise is on my mind right now because I could get a beautiful pen to match! I also paid no attention to the Epi Passy until you posted the pic of the new color. Really pretty. So come DO work for these companies on the side, eh?
  10. That pen is so pretty! Congrats!
  11. love it!! they look so perfect together!
  12. Very cute!
  13. So cute, I need one! The pink pen is not on the website though...
  14. It looks like it was made for the agenda:yahoo:
  15. The pen matches with your Framboise agenda very well. :smile: Congratulations!