Found the Michael Kors Overnighter, is it worth the price?

  1. Okay, I found the bag that I was searching for last week, the Astor/Overnighter in the luggage color. But the price tag is 450?

    Does anyone that owns this bag think it's worth it? Or should I wait until maybe it will go to the outlets next season?

    If anyone has this handbag, is it too big for an everyday or should it be used more for weekend trips etc..? Thanks in advance for the input. It's hard making a decision especially since I certainly don't need another handbag for awhile, I just thought it looked cute.....
  2. I think it's a good bag for weekend and overnights but if you into bag big and it might make a good business tote.
  3. If you have the bag , could you post a picture of it on your shoulder so I can see how big it is.... I"m having a hard time finding a pic of that bag with someone wearing.
  4. i would love to see a picture, but I would say go for it! There are so many uses for that one bag!
  5. hm. i have a picture of the astor overnighter compared to a MbyMJ Tina... and I think I have a pic of it on my shoulder too... let me check
  6. [​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]
  8. crap, can't find the pic of me wearing it!
  9. looks like a great bag :yes: