Found! The Mary-Kate/Ashley Olsen 'vintage' Chanel Hobo

  1. After trying to locate this bag for over three years, I finally found not one, but TWO! TWINS!!! :love:

    I'm guessing many of you have seen the Olsen twins sharing the all black version of this bag (or maybe they have one each...?) and there have been repeated questions about it, so I've also included a photo of the bag's ID info. :smile:

    Sorry about the pictures being a little grainy, my digicam doesn't like indoor photos much!

    blackblue001.jpg blackblue002.jpg blackblue003.jpg info001.jpg
  2. Both bags have the softest, most luscious leather. :heart:

    Some Black solo photos...

    black001.jpg black002.jpg black003.jpg
  3. And Blue/Turquoise solo photos:

    blue001.jpg blue002.jpg blue003.jpg
  4. Very cool. Congrats!
  5. And finally, some photos of the Olsen twins wearing the bag. :smile:

    olsen001.jpg olsen002.jpg olsen003.jpg olsen004.jpg olsen005.jpg
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  6. Thank you, mnshopgirl32! :tup: This bag has been on my wishlist for the longest time!
  7. Wow love the chain on that!
  8. Wow congratulations, I've always loved that bag!!! Where did you find it? Was it new?
    And if I may how much did you pay for each?
  9. Thanks, missisa07! :smile: Your black baby cabas is TDF! It's another bag on my never-ending Chanel wishlist.
  10. Wow~love both!!! Congrats!!
  11. Awww! Congrats! It looks like the MC tote lately! Great find! :biggrin:
  12. I love both, but the blue is stunning!!!
  13. GORGEOUS! i love them both, and you know what they say-- Good things come to those who wait (patiently)! CONGRATS :yahoo:
  14. Great bags! Please share the story of how you got them!
  15. Thanks, nightshade! :flowers: After waiting YEARS, I found both in the span of two months. I hope that one will come across your way soon too!

    babylovermika - Thank you! The black was as good as new (the previous owner has a LOT of handbags that have barely been touched) and the turquoise was gently used.

    I paid below retail for both - which is amazing considering that the retail was less than US $1200. Can you imagine finding any such bag at Chanel now for under $2K?! :push:

    bb10lue & iqaganda & Tyaz & lulilu - Thanks, ladies! :nuts: