Found The Hottest Prada Belt~~!!!!!!!

  1. [​IMG]
    Prada sold out of my size..however I found one at NM in LV tonight..Itll be here TUES!!!!LOVES!:heart:
    Price tag was big ouchy.....600.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:push:
    I couldnt live without it though:shame:
  2. so hot!! i can't wait!
  3. ...Love it! You find the best stuff!
  4. Gorgeous:love:
  5. ^i Just Got It!!!:heart: :drool: LOVES!!!!!!!!!
    I wore it out last night and got so many cute IRL..Even better looking!
  6. very cute. i wish i would shrink super fast to be able to wear belts. how come they do not make longer?
  7. Prada always makes the best belts that are classic! I'm glad you found it in your size, Congratulations!
  8. HERE IT IS!!!!!Wore it today!